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We have a small parking area accessible from the alley off Alder Street.
On-street public parkin
g is available on Fairhaven Ave.

This week's specials

cranberry apple soda.jpg

Cranberry Apple Soda

w/ fresh bay


This week's specials

blueberry apple cider shrub.jpg

mulberry vinegar & Bow Hill Blueberry Shrub

Local berry vinegar & Bow Hill Blueberry juice w/ soda & mint over ice


This week's specials



flavorful vegetable & white bean soup w/ tomato & fresh herbs (vegan)

$5.5 cup  $15qt

This week's specials

fried brussels romeesco_edited.jpg

Fried Brusselsprouts

served w/ harissa sauce


This week's specials


Salt Cod Croquettes

garlic aioli & fresh lemon


This week's specials

monty cristo_edited_edited.jpg

Classic Montycristo

House roast turkey, gruyere cheese, ham & cheddar on fresh baked French bread, battered & fried to order, dusted w/ powdered sugar & served w/ freezer jam


This week's specials

Veggie bbq burger_edited.jpg

BBQ veggie burger

smoked mushroom jack fruit patty topped w/ melted cheddar cheese, apple slaw, tangy bbq sauce, crispy onion rings & jalapeno chips on a toasted French roll


Welcome to the fairhaven


The Fairhaven in Burlington is ready to serve you delicious and nourishing food. Our fare is all made in-house fresh for you, with many seasonal offerings!  




Wednesday - Thurs


Friday & Saturday


Call 360-746-3183

biria quesadilla_edited.jpg

Check back regularly to see what's new!

Daily & weekly Specials

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